Sunday, December 2, 2007

Are You Gay?

6 Ways To Realize Your Gay:

1: Do You Wake Up In The Morning With A Stiffy Thinking About Your Favorite Rapper?
Your Gay

2: Do You Eat Bananas More Than Twice A Week?
Your Gay

3: Ever Got Jealous Cuz You Thought Your Best Friend Looked Better Than You?
Your Gay

4: Did You Ever Go Shopping To Victorias Secret With Your Girl And YOU Ended Up Trying On Lingerie?
Your Gay

5: When Your At Home Alone Do You Dance Around Your House In Boxers Listening To Prince And Michael Jackson Hits?
Your Gay

And Last Question To Question You...

6: If You Cried Whiled Leonardo Dicaprio Died In The Titanic,
Your Gay

I Got Nothing Against You Homo Thugs...
But If You Failed 6 Of 6 ? Join Cash Money Records On There Tour Bus


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