Wednesday, December 5, 2007


DJ CLARK KENT presents WELL WORTHY:NEW ERA Houston Astro Custom x Air Force 1 ID


When I found this hat I bought it out sheer fondness for Houston, Texas. Yes, I love the custom colorway - but before that, I Love Houston.

I spent about a year living in the 5th Ward area. This was during the building stage of Rap-A-Lot Records. I was, and still am very close to the founders of the label, James “Little J” Smith, Chief, and Leslie Wyatt (my Big Brother), and the list goes on… They are THE Reason we know Texas Rap Music. Along the years as a DJ, I came across a group named UGK (UnderGround Kings). Their music was (and still is) the TRUE Essence of TEXAS. They are looked at as LEGENDS in the South. I’ve come to know them over some time. I truly have undeniable RESPECT for them as artists and men. If you have a chance, go get some UGK albums. Listen to their music.


On Tuesday Dec. 4th, we lost one half of that LEGENDARY rap group, Chad “Pimp C” Butler. With this WELL WORTHY I dedicate this post to my man, PIMP C. and the town of Houston, Texas. My condolences to Chad “PIMP C” Butler’s family, friends and fans.

I’m sure that “ONE DAY” you will get the urge to “RIDE DIRTY” while you ask a chick to “LET ME SEE IT” as you pull off “CHOPPIN BLADES” as your car goes “FRONT, BACK SIDE TO SIDE” to the sound of the “INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS ANTHEM” feeling like you are “BIG PIMPIN”…

May his soul rest in peace. To my Brother BUN B - I am here for you, REAL TALK. PIMP C is absolutely WELL WORTHY! (This was not to upset anybody, BUT, to show tribute to THE MAN.)

-DJ Clark Kent

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