Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nike Vintage Terminator St. John’s

Selection Sunday is the kickoff to March Madness.  Final “must-win”games of the regular season as well as conference tourney’s don’t hold a candle to the pressure that the NCAA Tournament puts on its young participants.

Earlier this year we saw the Be True To Your School Collection that brought us the Original 7 Dunks plus the Georgetown Terminator.  St. John’s was adequately represented with the Dunks, but a young baller by the name of Chris Mullin played for St. John when the team laced up in the Nike Terminator.

The St. John’s Terminators are “vintageized” with yellowed and worn rubber and scuffed leather just like you snatched these from the locker room more than two decades ago.  Look for these to release March 29th in the middle of the madness.  Pics via Atmos.

Nike Terminator Vintage White/Red

Nike Terminator Vintage White/Red

Nike Vintage Terminator White/Red  318677-061

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