Sunday, August 31, 2008

Damn what a boring night

Hey world?,

this your boy GemsOfGemz doing the unusual as in writing a letter to yah. well let me ask ya is it boring tonight or just me...damn. I'm posted in the crib for the night i heard there was a party tonight but me and ex girlfriends don't mix lmao, so you get the pic. Anyway anybody out there waiting on that new common album and amped for some new kanye west material and is anticipating on some news on the CRS (lupe,kanye,pharrell) project? any hands anyone I hope I'm not the only one!! lol. Well here I am doing my blog thing letting ya know what's poppin, this the kid "Gems Of Gemz". And so you know if ya going to be in miami around september in time for the dunkXchange holla at the kid I'll be there. Be there or be squared and if you step into the convention be prepared as in be fly or cry lol. I'll be back with a few posts I am quite bored but I am currently listening to the ipod, I got mickey factz, cory gunz, the game (L.A.X.) and my homeboy Prota in rotation. my dew prota got a sick song out right now I'll post his song soon hope ya like it.

Holla Back,
Gems Of Gemz

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