Friday, October 17, 2008

Bape 2008 Fall/Winter Collection October Releases

With the maturing tastes of Bape founder Nigo a direct reflection on his clothing label, this manifests itself more then ever in Bape’s upcoming releases. Aside from the traditionally Bape nylon camo jacket comes a number of understated pieces. The jackets are quite minimalistic with little branding and based on classics like blazers and cardigans. Available this Saturday, October 18th at Bape Hong Kong.

Bape Hong Kong
#10 Ground Floor
Queens Road, Central
Hong Kong

$3399 HKD (approximately $438 USD)

$5999 HKD (approximately $773 USD)

$5999 HKD (approximately $773 USD)

$1999 HKD (approximately $258 USD)

$2199 HKD (approximately $283 USD)

I Love BAPE..I Do I Do I Do! Oooo!

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