Friday, October 10, 2008

Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals Collection Preview

^^ DOPE ^^
The peeps over at Tenisufki (via The Clones) has a sneak peek at the Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals collection. You’ve previously seen the images of the sneakers that got everyone excited about, especially the Wing Motif pairs now here’s a preview of the apparel with additional sneaker images. No one expects less from Jeremy Scott, the range consists of animal “costume” hoodies, metallic jackets, sequin track jackets and oversized vests, leopard print tees, hooded tuxedo jacket and fringes- not for your everday adidas Originals customer but definitely for Jeremy Scott fans! Are you ready to let the animal in you out? Can’t wait till the full line unveils, stay tuned!

Hmm idk about these
if you rock this you better be a female.
Wtf.....?? comment

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