Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lil Wayne To Release New Version Of Tha Carter III

^ The ultrasound for Wayne’s unborn son.

MTV had the chance to speak with Lil Wayne after the BET Hip-Hop Awards and he said that he will be dropping a new version of Tha Carter III with brand new songs. He also made a point to emphasize that it won’t be Tha Carter IV… and to keep corniness at a minimum, let’s not call it 3.5 either.

The Jay Arra also mentioned that he’ll be having a junya in a few days.

Link: Lil Wayne Expecting Son

This might be a good look, considering the replay value of some of the songs had on there, and that Blender article was quite intriguing… what if Wayne just stuck to the ballads that were safe to kill radio, and left the lean-induced bars (see: Drought 3) to the side. Also, what I wanna know is will Baby be the baby’s grandfather, or stepfather? But more importantly, will Wayne let Baby around his son when he’s not around?

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