Monday, October 13, 2008

This Is The Only Way I Would EVER Rock Evisu Again

Following a tedious research initiative, Evisu looks to pay homage to Lee Jeans. Much like its well-established competitor Levi’s, Lee also maintains a strong historical background as the denim brand began operations almost 120 years ago in 1889. With Evisu’s homage, they have created the No. 13 LEFT, a left hand twill offering which due to the weaving technique yields a softer overall feel (weaves move from top left to bottom right) relative to the more common right hand twill. Further details and highlights include green caste indigo and mismatched selvedge much like previous Lee denim. The mismatched selvedge line can be attributed to Lee’s previous use of wider denim relative to Levi’s. Well-known for their hand-painted back pocket motifs, Evisu continues the tribute with bull horns like “Lazy S” as well as a an interior label similar to Lee’s labels of the 1930s. Available starting January 2009.

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